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Turn-key nearshore developers

We offer developers that push the envelope in app development and data wrangling. Our blended talent pools combine world class nearshore developers with local developers to bring tactical results
Staff Augmentation
Turnkey engineers that work seamless within your engineering organization
Latin American Developers
Nearby timezones, excellent communication, proactive attitudes, world class development
Data Pipeline Engineering
Enterprise grade data pipeline and processing experience
SOC 2 Security
We use top-notch security measures - network and application-based, strict access control, encryption technologies, security audits, and continuous monitoring - to safeguard our clients' data.
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Top Tier Engineers

We hire developers who have worked with world class companies, including Google, IBM, Oracle, and many others. We strive for excellence

  • Near native english communication.
  • Bold analytical thinking
  • Common working hours
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Staff augmentation is the name, Latin America teams is the game



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As Project Manager at Lawgix Inc, I found Silicon Development's team exceptional in managing the workflow engine project. Their organized approach, clear communication, and agile methodology ensured a smooth and successful project delivery, far exceeding our expectations in project management efficiency.

Michael Phillip
Project Manager

I'm genuinely impressed by Silicon Development's technical acumen and collaborative spirit. Their innovative solutions and seamless integration with our systems have significantly enhanced our workflow capabilities, setting a new benchmark for excellence in legal tech.

Daniella Rivera
Cloud Architect

As CTO, overseeing the delivery of our biotech SaaS application was a monumental task. Working with a dedicated team who understood the nuances of biotechnology and software integration was key. Their expertise in developing a user-friendly, robust SaaS solution has been crucial in advancing our biotech research and operations, marking a significant milestone in our digital transformation journey.

Rocky Morgan
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