- AI Powered Dating App

Ruby on Rails, Machine Learning, Large Language Models, Facial Recognition
Start: 29 April, 2018 & End: 15 July, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Powered Dating

Pragma is a revolutionary take on dating. Pragma uses artificial intelligence models to psychoanalyze people, and then use that data to make matches. It also has auto date scheduling features, with the ability to confirm dates for people so all they have to do is have fun, and not swipe their finger off!

We built LLM models before they were cool

This SaaS platform uses advanced artificial intelligence modeling to understand personality types.

Our first model that we developed was for biography analysis. We analyzed text that the user entered and do sentiment and topic analysis. We used this to build a model which predicts what kind of users a person likes.

We also created a visual face recognition model which learns what kind of physical appearance a person prefers. It’s able to detect subtle variances in a user’s appearance and understand who a person finds attractive. Being able to articulate what makes someone attractive to someone else is no trivial task, and we are proud that we have over 95% accuracy in doing so!

We also created an assemble model which merges those models and other machine learning models to make an overall prediction if a person is a good fit for another. We are at the beginning of using AI to create love 🙂