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AI Powered Sales

Sales Cognition is a SaaS platform which uses artificial intelligence to determine which leads should be focused on in order to convert into sales. Silicon Development developed this product from the idea stage all the way to production. Including sign-up, billing, data ingestion platform, artificial intelligence modeling, and support platform.

Sales Cognition is able to predict which leads convert into sales with an accuracy of over 70%. And for some clients, accelerates sales pipeline funnels by over 5x.

The challenge of project


Sales Cognition uses a multi-micro service approach to being able to predict which leads would convert into sales.

Ingestion Layer

Sales Cognition has an ingestion layer which extracts raw information from Sales Force, Hubspot, Marketo, Google Analytics, and many more. We chose a modular type architecture pattern which allows us to connect to a disparate data silo and ingest it into the normalization layer.

Data Normalization Layer

Data pulled in from the data silos are normalized using background workers. Each data silo has its own map, which can map the data into a normalized format.

Data Storage Layer

The normalized data is then stored for long and short-term use in Google Big Query. This storage format is scalable up to hundreds of Terabytes.

Data Modeling Layer

Sales Cognition uses a number of proprietary Artificial Intelligence models co-developed by Silicon Development in a modeling layer. This layer uses TensorFlow and python as an API layer.


Sales Cognition is able to predict which leads convert into sales, and provide a crucial ROI value proposition because of using Silicon Development. With incredible accuracy, Sales Cognition leveraged a large number of our skills including Ruby on Rails, artificial intelligence development, and big data management. We were able to go to market with an MVP in two months! If you would like us to develop your next product using some of these technologies, be sure to contact us!